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International Financial Magnates Corporation began to provide it's professional services in the field of Finance marketing, Financial market trading (Forex, Stock, and Options Trading), Investment & Portfolio management, and Real estate marketing, management & investing. Our ever-growing financial entity is one of the most reliable and top grossing companies that specializes in professionally handling the affairs of the financial market. WELCOME, ON-BOARD

we Innovate

The strategic use of financial instruments and HIGH END fin-tec solutions is key to the success of our organization - as the quality of our investment and financial service are well grounded in this.

lincense Certified

International Financial Magnates Corporation is a regulated and licensed financial entity since 2010. We are part of the Broker Credit Service (Cyprus) Ltd | Comapany RGN: 154856 = License No: 048/04

Capital Security

Clients capital are held in segregated accounts in the EU and US regulated banks. Hence, providing an extra layer of security for your investment capital.

Result driven financial entity

This financial entity is a result based driven coporation. We are only aimed at providing the best possible financial result for our clients. We've been able and we are still capable of providing a second to none financial service to you!

Crypto-Currency Price converter

Stay updated with the latest crypto-currency price. Know the exchange rate with our one click converter.! We've got you covered.

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stable and profitable

Experienced businesses, entrepreneurs and managers know that 3 things are necessary to ensure the long- term success of any business: growth, profit and stability. Therefore as a financial entity of this nature we consistentily provide fianacial stability and profitability for our clients.

Instant and Secure Deposit/Withdrawals

We spare no room for malicious activities relating to making deposits, withdrawals or our company in general. Our, clients trust, security and confidence is our top priority and coupled with that we've provided you with various convinient deposit/withdrawal routes/methods to ensure swift and secure transaction to any part of the world.

Affiliate [Referrals] Program

Make more income and benefit limitlessly from us through our affiliate program. All you've got to do is simply refer new people to our platform using your unique link.

24/7 support service

Enjoy all round the clock customer support. We've got professionals who are deligent, humble and devoted to handling your financial needs. Help is just a few clicks away from you :)

Portfolio (Account) management

Portfolio management is the art and science of selecting and overseeing a group of investments that meet the long-term financial objectives. Discuss with our customer support for mor information on this unique and high potential service. Join the big family today!

Value capital investing

Join the big family (International Financial Magnates Corporation) today. We handle and process investments of great magnitude for clients, organizations and more. Invest in the unending beneficial financial market through us, as we hone these potentials.

Our Investment Plan

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Min. Possible deposit:
Max. Possible deposit:
  • $2500 Minimum return
  • $80000 Maximum return
  • $5 Gift Bonus
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Min. Possible deposit:
Max. Possible deposit:
  • $25000 Minimum return
  • $30000 Maximum return
  • $70 Gift Bonus
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Min. Possible deposit:
Max. Possible deposit:
  • $100000 Minimum return
  • $500000 Maximum return
  • $100 Gift Bonus
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Min. Possible deposit:
Max. Possible deposit:
  • $500000 Minimum return
  • $500000+ Maximum return
  • $100 Gift Bonus
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Several financial planners would agree that one of the foremost and important steps that you should take to protect your financial stability is to set aside funds as emergency reserve amongst other reasons and the most efficiently proven way is by making profitable investments.

  • Bitcoins are digital/electronic currencies that are used in performing value exchange transactions (just like your physical cash). It is also called the money of the internet and just like every other currency it's value also fluctuates/vary. Utilizing Bitcoins or any other digital currency is literarily simple. There are different ways of achieving this goal and the investment approach has been proven to be the most efficient and effective.

  • There is a way and that is simply by joining our Affiliate Marketing network. Generate leads for us and earn extra from us. All you've got to do is use your referral link generated for you to refer any new user and for each referral, you'll earn up to 5% of your investment. WOW!!! SIMPLE AND SWEET Let's get to work then.

    • Do well to send us an email regarding this.
    • Contact us via any of our media outlet.

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